Screen Rant Review: The International

The International starts out with a strong espionage vibe but is weakened when it strays into “action movie” territory.

I really wanted to walk out of The International having loved it, but the best I can manage is that overall I liked it a lot.

It’s the story of Louis Salinger (Clive Owen), and INTERPOL agent working in France and his attempt to implicate a mega-banking firm in arms dealing. I loved how the film opens – the very first frame puts you right into the film with no preamble. Louis and his partner are trying to “turn” a bank executive and get him to provide evidence of the bank’s misdeeds. Things do not go well within a few short minutes.

It seems that everyone is against Louis and he can make no headway in his investigation. People are being killed and “disappeared” but there is no concrete evidence of the bank’s involvement. He is soon joined by American FBI operative Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), who has been attempting to work the case state-side, and has also been running into roadblocks.

New Interview with Clive Owen

Clive Owen has made a career out of playing brooding loners, yet he never seems to be repeating himself. Even his hesitant heroes bear little resemblance to one another. His indestructible Sin City character will never be confused with his cartoon antihero in Shoot ‘Em Up or his weary Everyman reluctantly saving the world in Children of Men. If there’s a common thread to his roles–including the brilliant bank robber in Inside Man, the cuckolded husband in Closer, and Sir Walter Raleigh in Elizabeth: The Golden Age–it’s an intelligence and an air of sophistication that Owen can’t help but bring to every role he plays.

Clive Owen: I am not a sex symbol

Clive Owen may be many women’s dream man, but the star insists he doesn’t take his heartthrob status tag seriously.

“Any actor who starts taking ‘sex symbol’ seriously or thinks of themselves as a sex symbol has got some serious problems,” he tells “When I’m in my normal life I care very little about how I look. Sometimes I have to dress up when I’m making movies, but that’s not me when I’m just hanging around.”

‘The International’ banks on style, Clive Owen’s star power

By portraying bankers as the ultimate villains, the stylish espionage thriller The International gets high marks for timeliness.

It’s a well-made and handsome drama centering on a powerful and corrupt European bank with ties to arms dealers. Clive Owen does a fine job as Louis Salinger, an Interpol agent bent on toppling the bank and exposing its nefarious operations.