Corporate Dirty Tricks And Romance In ‘Duplicity’

The only thing you can trust about Duplicity is its title. It’s a throwback to the days of old school caper movies like To Catch A Thief.

It’s also just the kind of sophisticated amusement you would expect from filmmaker Tony Gilroy, who wrote the Bourne films and made his directorial debut with Michael Clayton.

In Duplicity, he has done a lighter-side version of the latter: Back we go to the dog-eat-dog world of corporate malfeasance and industrial espionage. Only this time, it’s played for laughs and romance.

‘Duplicity’ A Golden Globe Consideration?

Prior to the release of “Duplicity,” award watchers had to wonder if Julia Roberts suffered from the Oscar Curse. You know, win an Oscar, then disappear — at least from significance. (We’re talking about you, Helen Hunt and Cuba Gooding Jr.) The Academy Award champ for “Erin Brockovich” hasn’t made many movies of importance in recent years. “Charlie Wilson’s War” and “The Closer” showed great early awards promise but fizzled at the Oscars, making us wonder if Julia Roberts was burning out as superstar.

“Duplicity” looks like a comeback of sorts for Julia Roberts. It’s a box-office hit getting mixed to terrific reviews, making us wonder next: Is this just a throwaway thriller that won’t matter much on the kudos scene (like the “Bourne” flicks, which “Duplicity” scribe Tony Gilroy penned) or one of the rare gems of that genre that succeed at the Oscars and Golden Globes (like “Michael Clayton,” which Gilroy also wrote and directed)?

A ‘Duplicity’ Review from Independent UK

I’m usually suspicious of films that try to persuade you before they’ve even started that you’re in for something sleek, sophisticated and adult – so how could I not be wary of one entitled Duplicity? But it’s just as well that we go into Tony Gilroy’s comedy-thriller with our guard up. A good con trick often warns you in advance that you stand to get conned: you’re so busy looking over your shoulder that you don’t see the con when it comes, from right under your eyes.

Duplicity, it turns out, earns its title. Writer-director Gilroy pulled an ingenious bit of business in the final scenes of his corporate thriller Michael Clayton, and obviously enjoyed that so much that he’s decided to go full out with the deviousness in his very differently toned follow-up. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen play corporate spies, constantly at odds and outwitting each other – or in love and secretly working together.

Clive Owen loves being a dad to daughters

For Clive Owen, practicing his parenting skills as the only man in a house full of women suits him just fine.

Even though he grew up in a family with four brothers, the Duplicity actor told the Times Online he is happy to be surrounded by his wife and two daughters, 12-year-old Hannah and 9-year-old Eve.

“I’ve never been one of those fathers who wanted to try again for the boy because he’s got girls,” he told the news provider. “I’m just crazy about my girls – and I don’t need anything else.”

Giorgio Armani & Albert Wolsky to dress Clive Owen for ‘Duplicity’

Giorgio Armani has collaborated with two-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Albert Wolsky (“All That Jazz,” “Bugsy”) to create the sleek and dashing man-of-action silhouette for actor Clive Owen in Universal Pictures’ new romantic caper, “Duplicity.”

Wolsky’s 13 Oscar nominations for costume design range from such classics as “Sophie’s Choice” to the recent “Revolutionary Road.” In his 34-year design career, Giorgio Armani has collaborated on countless movie wardrobes. Cinematic highlights of his work include films from “American Gigolo” and “The Untouchables” to “Shaft” and, most recently, “The Dark Knight.”

Clive Owen Italian Vanity Fair Interview (In English)

This is the excerpt interview of Clive Owen on Italian Vanity Fair interview which is located on here. But here are the complete english translation done by Isa. Thank you girl! Aww Clive sounds cute during this interview.

Clive Owen: “Keep your hands off my daughters”Meeting with a lazy husband, jealous of the future boyfriends of his daughters and crazy about soccer. Do you know who is he?

Tom Tykwer’s movie The International… is about financial crimes…. Owen ( He’s an Interpol agent)…..has got a partner that helps him (Naomi Watts), but they never kissed. There is more gallantry in the other movie with Clive Owen, Duplicity, with Julia Roberts.

Clive Owen wants to be a “normal” person: Loving father, actor without intellectual troubles, and he’s not an hysterical celebrity. He’s mad only for soccer. In short, he’s not a man that should be marry, he’s the man that lots of us has already at home.

You played with the most beautiful women of the world. Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Julia Roberts. How are these actresses on the set?

“Monica is enjoyable. Angelina is serious and responsible. Julia is a friend”

10 TIME Q&A With Clive Owen

You have starred in Sin City, Shoot ‘Em Up and Inside Man–all action movies. Do you consider yourself an action star? Dany Jean-Philippe PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI
No, definitely not. I’m not buff enough. Apart from Shoot ‘Em Up, which is an out-and-out crazy comedy-action movie, I don’t feel that any of the others are action movies. They’ve just got action in them.

Is there a role you didn’t get that you wish you had gotten? Katie Baker, AMES, IOWA
Not really. I have very few regrets. This part in Duplicity would have hurt if I hadn’t gotten it. I finished the script, called up the agent and said, “This is the one.” If someone else had ended up doing it, that would have hurt. I just thought it was incredibly smart and savvy, and it has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever been given on film.

I admire your craft and think you would make a great 007. Have you ever wanted or been offered the role of James Bond? Phillip McDowell JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
No. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing.

‘Duplicity’ Movie Review

Would you think I was gaming you if I said Duplicity — which could well win the award for worst movie trailer of 2009 — is actually a clever, classy spy comedy?

You’d never know it from those unfunny previews, which have been running in theatres for months now. I’d begun to cringe every time I saw Julia Roberts smugly dangling a thong while a gobsmacked Clive Owen, looking like he’s had his pocket picked in a brothel, exclaims, “You’re gamin’ me?”

Roberts and Owen are enjoyably edgy as devious spies-cum-lovers, while writer-director Tony Gilroy has given them a cunning plot to manoeuvre in.

Clive Owen on ‘Criativa Magzine’ Interview

I’ve updated an interview of Criativa Magzine interviewd with Clive himself but the language is in Portugese. I have to translate using google translater so bear with me if there are some spelling misakes. You can also view the entier interview in Portugese here.

The meeting was marked in the executive suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin, during the 59th film festival in the city. Clive Owen was there to publicize his new movie, Trama International of Tom Tykwer, who debut in Brazil in late March. During the interview, he spent most of his time with his arms crossed. Shyness? ‘I am not intimidated in front of a camera or on top of a stage. But in front of journalists or the public, a face-lift, as Clive Owen, is different. Most actors are shy, “explains itself.