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21 Mar 2009, 3:42am | No Commented From This Post

I’ve updated an interview of Criativa Magzine interviewd with Clive himself but the language is in Portugese. I have to translate using google translater so bear with me if there are some spelling misakes. You can also view the entier interview in Portugese here.

The meeting was marked in the executive suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin, during the 59th film festival in the city. Clive Owen was there to publicize his new movie, Trama International of Tom Tykwer, who debut in Brazil in late March. During the interview, he spent most of his time with his arms crossed. Shyness? ‘I am not intimidated in front of a camera or on top of a stage. But in front of journalists or the public, a face-lift, as Clive Owen, is different. Most actors are shy, “explains itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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21 Mar 2009, 3:35am | No Commented From This Post

I’ve uploaded many new photoshoots of Clive for GQ magazine taken by Vincent Peters.

- Photoshoots: Vincent Peters [GQ] 2009

20 Mar 2009, 6:54am | No Commented From This Post

I’ve uploaded new candids & stills of Clive leaving Jimmy Fallon Show & from Good Morning America on March 16, 18, 2009.

- Good Morning America: Stills – March 16, 2009
- Candids in 2009: Leaving Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – March 19

20 Mar 2009, 3:26am | No Commented From This Post

I’ve uploaded one more shoot & new cover of Clive on the magazine of Vanity Fair Italy. Love them!

Magazine Scans: Vanity Fair [Italy]
- Photoshoots: Mark Liddell [Vanity Fair Italian] 2009

19 Mar 2009, 5:54am | 1 Commented From This Post

I’ve uploaded new video of Clive interview for ‘Duplicity‘ on Entertainment Tonight on March 17, 2009.

- Entertainment Tonight ‘Duplicity’ Interview

19 Mar 2009, 5:30am | No Commented From This Post

In Duplicity, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen team up to play a pair of spies wrapped up in a complicated battle between pharmaceutical rivals.

In real life, the actors talk about the honesty in their own relationships — and why they couldn’t seem to pull it together on the set for director Tony Gilroy.

Q: Don’t you think it’s funny that we’re in a society now where the corporate guys are the villains?

Julia Roberts: Well they’ve earned it.

Clive Owen: The movie is about two corporate spies who end up together deciding to scam the big companies they work for and try and make themselves a big payday.

JR: You don’t really know if we’re friends or enemies or lovers and we’re kind of all of those things. It’s tough to fit romance into all the scheming. But I guess it is sexy. I don’t know if it’s romantic, but maybe it’s sexy. Read the rest of this entry »

19 Mar 2009, 5:28am | No Commented From This Post

Emmanuel Itier: Why did you want to do this movie?

Julia Roberts: I just want to be with the smart guys, and I think that’s where you’re most creative — is to be with people who are intensely bright about what they do and creative. I had seen Michael Clayton and I’d met with Tony (Gilroy) and we connected, and of course I have this relationship already with Clive, and so when he called me and asked me to do it, it just seemed like a good match. Read the rest of this entry »

19 Mar 2009, 5:26am | No Commented From This Post

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen have Duplicity when their crime caper lands in theaters March 20. In honor of Roberts and Owen criminally good chemistry, we have compiled 10 top movie crime couples. From the famous pairings of George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez to the iconic coupling of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, Hollywood royalty is well represented when it comes to having partners in crime.

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in Duplicity
Their resonance has only begun on screen, but Clive Owen and Julia Roberts have perfect crime chemistry in their latest, Duplicity.

Source: Sheksnow

19 Mar 2009, 5:24am | No Commented From This Post

This just in! Usmagazine.com reports that there are two females on the planet who don’t like the way Clive Owen dresses. Owen says that his daughters, Hannah, 19, and Eve, 9, are not impressed.

“I get texts that say things like, ‘Don’t wear the velvet jacket because it’s weird and embarrassing,’ ” he tells Us. “They make me too self-conscious. I have to get changed in the dark.”

Owen, who has been married to actress Sarah-Jane Fenton since 1995, says that when his daughters aren’t dispensing fashion advice, they like to take in an age-appropriate movie: “I’ve literally seen every kids movie in the last eight years.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

19 Mar 2009, 5:22am | No Commented From This Post

Former ‘Closer’ co-stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts reunite on the big screen Friday for the clever corporate spy flick ‘Duplicity,’ and Clive tells ET that working with Julia is just like “playtime”!

“On ‘Closer’ we discovered that we like each other, we trust each other, we get on, we’ve got a very similar sense of humor, so all those things are taken care of,” Clive tells ET’s Mark Steines. “So really, there’s just the excitement of coming together and playing with something new.”

The pair traveled to such far-flung locations as Dubai, the Bahamas and Rome, but Clive says watching Julia’s fame at work in New York made the biggest impression. Read the rest of this entry »

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