Clive Owen on Men Fitness

Age: 46
Country: United Kingdom
Career: Actor

Talk about a big star. Literally. At well over six feet, Owen towers above Hollywood’s typical pint-size heroes. From King Arthur to Sin City to Children of Men, he has fought his way through the past, the present, and into the future. To prepare for such demanding roles, the Coventry native trains with a London kickboxer. “You have to get physically fit for any film you do,” he told MF. “They’re quite grueling shoots.” While he regularly goes to the gym, “when I am getting ready to film, I train much more intensively,” he confesses. Of course, once the cameras start rolling there’s no time for working out. But there’s little need. His role as a machine-gun-toting do-gooder in Shoot ‘Em Up was particularly hard on his body. “It was all action, and there was lots of ropework,” he says. “That was very physical.” His main inspiration for training so hard? “My fitness regimen is completely dictated by, ‘Do I have to take my top off in this movie?'” Fit, and smart, too.

Source: Men Fitness

Keanu to Replace Clive in Cartagena Movie

Keanu Reeves has signed up to star in an action thriller about the drug trade entitled Cartagena, according to reports coming out of Cannes today.

Described by Screen Daily as a cross between The French Connection and Michael Clayton, the film will be set in Columbia and feature Reeves as an undercover agent who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving drug dealers and international agents.

When Cartagena was previously announced in December, Clive Owen was cast in the lead, so today’s news suggests he has left the project.

Rupert Wyatt, who directed prison drama The Escapist, will helm the $25m film, with production set to start in September.

The news comes hot-on-the heels of the announcement that Reeves will play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a modern-day version of the classic tale, although that project is currently in the early stages of development.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Clive Graces L’ Officiel Magazine

Clive Owen has recently appeared on the cover of Paris magazine, L’ Officiel may issue. Thanks to Steph for the scans!

” It’s such an inefable thing ”
Clive Owen , hypnotic actor
” What makes a woman sexy … It’s such an inefable thing . Some people are sexy , some are not , whithout it’s known really why . It’s often the sum of small little things . Sometimes happyness makes people sexy , sometimes sadness … My friend Julia Roberts is a sexy woman and actress , it’s a fact , but when we work together , this is not what I see . I see a true person , uncompromising , with a mix of vivacity and talent which elevates my own acting skills . The sexiest woman in the world ? My wife … And at the second place (laughs) No I’m kidding ! Which clothes makes a woman sexy ? They must be in harmony with the woman concerned . What touches me and impress me before anything in someone , it’s his/ her honesty . “

– Magazine Scans: L Officiel [Paris] – May

Roberts, Owen spark chemistry in ‘Duplicity’

America’s current financial situation isn’t looking too promising. Jobs are down, costs are up and there’s no money to go around. These days, everybody wants to stick it to The Man. However, nobody can afford to, both figuratively and literally … which is why everyone should see the movie “Duplicity,” because regardless of what our checking account reads, we could all afford to live vicariously through people who actually can stick it to The Man.

“Duplicity” brags a very talented cast, starring Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson and the great Paul Giamatti. Roberts and Owen portray ex-American/ex-British government spies who now work for rivaling mega business franchises, owned by Wilkinson and Giamatti. However, the cutthroat companies don’t know that Roberts and Owen are secretly partners, trying to take the companies for $40 millon by working both sides (this is where the title gets its name). To complicate matters even more, the spies are also on-again/off-again lovers, whose rocky romance may or may not threaten the success of the entire operation.