Clive Owen Says His Daughters Are ‘Aware’ Of ‘Trust’

In the new film “Trust,” directed and produced by David Schwimmer, Clive Owen stars alongside Catherine Keener and newcomer Liana Liberato as a distraught father trying to deal with rebuilding his family after his daughter is victimized and sexually assaulted by a man she meets online. It is a tense, emotionally charged film that addresses an important issue facing kids and parents today.

When MTV News caught up with Owen during the press day for “Trust,” we asked him what conversations he’s had with his own daughters and how much they know about this film in particular.“They are aware of the films I do,” he said, “and the younger one, she’s only 12, so I don’t go into too many details, but when she says, ‘What do you mean, “Something bad happens”?’ I’m like, ‘Let’s just end it there.’

“But the elder one, Hannah, is more aware of the situation and what happens,” Owen explained. “I think it’s important at a certain age that they are aware that this is possible, and that’s kind of why we make the film, really, to try and raise people’s awareness.”

Owen went on to say that anyone can fall victim to an Internet predator if they’re not careful.

“I think it’s a mistake to think it’s always going to be the troubled family or the kid that’s off the tracks. That’s not necessarily the case,” he said. “It’s about age, it’s about youth, it’s about naivety. The most mature, smart, sensible kid is still going to be hugely naive at 13, 14. They just [are]; they haven’t lived enough yet. So, they are susceptible.”

Source: MTV


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