Clive Owen wants to quit

Clive Owen wants to give up his film career.

The 44-year-old actor – who trained in the theatre before making it big in a number of Hollywood blockbusters – said he’s thinking about giving up shooting movies in order to concentrate on a stage career.

He said: “I’m actually pretty sure that this will happen soon. I would imagine I’d have to stop the films in order to concentrate entirely on my stage career. I’ve always played theatre roles.”

The ‘Children of Men’ actor – who starred in the West End and Broadway hit play ‘Closer’ and was later in the 2005 film version – said sometimes you just have to do the things which made you happy.He told German TV station Tele5: “I often have to pinch myself to make me realize what I achieved. I’ve been working with the greatest people; I appreciate that very much and am very happy about it.

“But perhaps you should, on the peak of your career think about the fact that it probably can’t always go on like this and that there are other things that make you happy, too.”

Clive has previously spoken about how he “instinctively” knows if he wants to work on a film.

He said: “I think at the end of the day, a career is made up of all the individual choices that I’ve made. It is literally an instinctive response. I respond to material instantly. I trained in the theatre; the theatre is all about playing lots of different parts.

Source: Virgin Media


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