Clive Owen praised by Boys co-stars

Clive Owen’s co-star has revealed she was the envy of her daughters for being paid to be hugged by the hunky star.

Julia Blake – who plays Clive’s character’s difficult mother-in-law in The Boys Are Back – was the envy of many when they found out she was working with the Duplicity star.

At the film’s Australian premiere she said: “My daughters were a bit jealous that I got paid to be hugged by Clive Owen.”

She added: “He’s the best – he’s a very unselfish, giving actor. Quiet, very impressive and very, very likeable. Very down-to-earth and charming, with a lot of personal charm.”

Director Scott Hicks apologised for the absence of his leading man on the red carpet at the Wallis Piccadilly cinema in Adelaide, saying: “Clive just started shooting a movie today in the US – he really wanted to be here as we had travelled around the US, the UK and Europe to promote this film.”Clive’s young co-star Nicholas McAnulty, who plays his on-screen youngest son Artie, also revealed: “It was good working with him – I really like his personality. He would make jokes, but then when we started filming, he wouldn’t do that, and he sometimes helped me when I forgot my lines.”

And Chris Haywood, who is Clive’s dad-in-law on-screen, added: “He’s a very easy actor to work with. He’s very professional and he doesn’t bring any baggage with him.”

Source: Press Association

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