Tough guy Owen not afraid to cry

Clive Owen is man enough to cry, on cue. You got a problem with that?

“If you look, I’ve cried a few times in my movies,” says the star of action-oriented fare such as Inside Man and Shoot ‘Em Up, and a one-time short-list candidate for the role of James Bond.

“I’ve never been afraid of it at all. I cried in Children Of Men, for example.”

And shot quite a few people, but never mind.

The much more lachrimose The Boys Are Back is based on the novel by journalist Simon Carr about the experience of piecing together a household with his two boys after the cancer death of his wife.It’s sad, it’s comic, and it explores different levels of relationships, both childhood and adult.

“I read the script and I was taken by it,” Owen says.

“I’m a parent, I go off to work and when I come back, the rest of my life is taken by my girls at home (ages 10 and 12). I thought I’d really like to explore that part of me in my work, and I was very excited by it. Working with kids, I thought this could be really exciting.”

Australian director Scott Hicks — who knows a thing or two about feelings, with films such as Shine and Snow Falling On Cedars on his c. v. — said hiring a screen tough guy was deliberate.

“It was that very quality that made it really interesting, to take that tough image and crack it open and say, ‘Let’s see him play a flawed and vulnerable man who’s struggling emotionally and trying to do the best he can in putting bits and pieces of his family together all over again.’

“It’s too easy to cast Clive Owen as the tough, shoot-’em-up guy. Nothing wrong with that, but isn’t it lovely when the actor himself can show another dimension?

Source: St Catherine Standard

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