Parenting has been a priority for me

British actor Clive Owen has admitted that being a dad is a significant part of his life away from the cameras.

The 44-year-old Academy Award nominee has two daughters with his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton, Hannah and Eve and claims that when he’s not on set, he’s at home taking care of the household chores and raising his kids.

In a recent interview with Parade, Clive said: “I don’t have boys, but I’ve got two girls, aged ten and 12, and I’ve always considered helping to raise them to be separate from making movies.

“I go off and make movies and then I come home and I’m a father. I look after my girls. I do the washing up, I do the laundry. I don’t let the place go.” Clive is best known for his roles in hit movies such as Derailed, Sin City, Closer and Inside Ma

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