Julia and Clive smoulder in Duplicity

Clive Owen seems to be making his own bid for Bond. Not content with grumping his way through espionage thriller The International like Daniel Craig’s younger, hairier brother, he’s followed it up with a super-sexy, sophisticated corporate spy caper where he plays a suave secret agent with a fondness for tuxedos.

Displaying oodles of sexual chemistry, if resolutely little flesh (bah), Julia Roberts and Owen are Claire and Ray, double agents who can’t, given their professions, ever fully trust each other, particularly when it comes to the big ‘I love you’.

As such, this glitzy caper plays on surprisingly accessible relationship insecurity issues, as well as spoiling us rotten with Moët-glugging, shagging-in-glam-hotels escapist entertainment.More concerned with plot twists than shoot-outs, the film skips along at a fair old clip, as you’d expect from Bourne writer-turned-director Tony Gilroy.

However the relentless narrative time-hopping is so tricksy and disorientating you need an instruction manual to follow the plot.

Extras: Commentary from Gilroy and his co-producer/editor/younger brother John.

Source: Metro

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