Movie Review: Duplicity

Deception reaches new heights in this smart, slick romantic spy-thriller. Think Mr and Mrs Smith without the Hollywood candycoat.

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in opposing roles as two suave corporate ex-spies with a romantic history who take on a complicated commercial battle.

Ex-CIA Claire Stenwick (Roberts) and ex-M16 Ray Koval (Owen) challenge two rival pharmaceutical companies racing to unleash a formula that will revolutionise the industry. In the world of global capitalism, it’s all about the money. If these two can pool their resources to outsmart the corporation, it will win them a fortune and a lifetime of luxury.

The pair pursue a secret affair that mixes business with pleasure as they try to outwit each other in a series of scintillating verbal duels.

Deception and betrayal lurk at every step of their relationship.

The twists and turns are marvellously portrayed by Roberts and Owen, who continue the chemistry of mistrust that they started in Closer.

Who is playing whom? At 41, Roberts looks sensational on screen and it’s good to see her swop her American-sweetheart exterior for a more sexily aggressive persona.

Writer/director Tony Gilroy is adept at keeping us on the edge of our seats as he showed in his previous Bourne screen-plays.

However, Gilroy’s narrative is over-complicated with plots that twist viciously over the two-hour length of the film. Nevertheless, the end is elegant enough to make the wait worthwhile.

So, although we only hear the boisterous Roberts laugh once, charismatic performances and a clever plot keep the mind engaged.

If you liked … Oceans 11, Mr and Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity … you will like this.

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