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Big thanks to cinzia 81 for the amazing translation for the interview of Clive on Vanity Fair Italy.

I’m the last wheel of the cart

Tough is tough (watch his last two movies to see that). Sexy is sexy (just ask Angelina, Monica and Julia to believe it). So, why he let his three girls say that he is “pathetic”?

In the first frame of The International Clive Owen has three deep wrinkles in the middle of his eyes. If he were an actress someone would have already filled them with botox but he’s a man an the wrinkle are all at their place. A man, for how handome (and believe me, He is) can allow himself to have this “highway” effect on his nose.

When the mugshot end, we can’t stay here to think about this movie (and life) injustices. Tom Tywer’s Movie – the german director who ten years ago directet Run, Lola, Run – speeds away. This is a contemporary story in an almost sinister way. It talks about financial crimes, corrupted bankers, wheapon trafficking. Owen (who is an interpool agent who catch the bad guys) flies from Berlino to New York, from Lione to Milan, from the Iseo Lake to Instambul.

It would be for the scenario (Pirellone, Corduzio Plaza, Central Station, Corso Italia) The International is the less romantic movie of this last decade. Clive has a partner in his mission (Naomi Watts) but they will never gave neither e little kiss. The peack of intimity they share is an elevetor scene where she told him: “You look awful”. There will be more galantery, sex scenes and malice in the other upcoming Clive movie, Duplicity: another thriller this time, about industrial spying) with Julia Roberts. Some scenes of this movie has been shooted in Italy too but, being in Rome and not in Milan, there’s a little bit of romance here.

These two movie are very similar. To be honest it isn’t a good idea that they will be released almost togheter. “I know”, sigh Clive Owen sitting once for all on a chair at Soho Hotel in London. He will stay on this chair for an hour, the time it lasted our interview, pratically without moving neither a little.

“It shouldn’t have to be happend but these are hard times for cinema too. Last year writer’s strike. Slow productions. Things like that have created this sort of blockage”.

Deep and sexy voice, a shirt white as his theets,Clive Owen struggle to seems “normal”: lovely father, an actor without inner torments, celebrity without excess. There is ony one thread who make him enthusiast: soccer. He is the perfect man like that little models we all have in ours rooms.

So there is the crisis also for you who works in cinema. They are going to cut your pay?
They already started. By the way, they produce less and don’t take risks. A lot of sequel, many variations on the same models. An innovative and genial director, nowadays will find each door close. But, in your real life, you’re spending less money?
I care about it. We could’t do different. A whole system is collapsed and anyone knows how to solve that.

Personally, what are you agreeable to sacrifice?
I don’t have expensive manies to renunce at. I’m not scared to live a sober life. I’ve been poor.

And now you share the screen with the most beautiful woman in the world. Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts. How are they on the set? Naughties? Cockies? They pretend to have their best side on each scene?
I’ve never seen a colleague to be late or make scenes. About Angelina, people can say everything they want but I was workeing with her in the periodo she adopted her first child and I still remember how serious she was, determinated and certain of her choice. Julia now is a friend. We shooted two movied togheter, we get on well.

And, how was the kissing scenes?
Pure academy. There isn’t anything sexy … this is the position, this is the framing…that’s all!”

Let’s talk about soccer?
Oh, yes, please!

How is doing Liverpool, your favourite soccer team?
Good! We’re just next Manchester United and we can still win the Champions League.

Have you follow the story of David Beckham?
Sure, I follow Italian world cup with lots of interest! When I was in Italy to shoot my movies I went to stadium more than once.

So, if you were Beckham, what would have you done: Milan or Los Angeles Galaxy?
Milan is a great and gorgeous city to live. It’s enough?

Ok, I understand, so in Italian champioship, you’re a Milan fan?
To be honest, no. i prefer Inter. I can say that it’s my second favourite soccer team after Liverpool. My favourite at all is Ibrahimovic. He is the best.

Once, you said that, when an actor choose a movie is alone. Why?
Because every movie take a huge part of your life, from when you start to study a part, to shooting and promoting. You have to believe firmaly in what you’re doing, don’t care what your agent say.

And what your wife say, it counts?
A lot! She was an actress too so her opinion count a lot for me but, at the end I always decide.

Kevin Bacon, who is married with the actress Kyra Sedgwick from 20 years, said that the secret for a long marriage is “lots and lots of dirty sex”. Do you agree?
It surely works for Kevin and Kyra.

And for you?
I found my perfect match and I’m crazy for her. Without her I couldn’t do this job. She’s the ceter of my family. Outside I’m the actor Clive Owen, but at home i have a very low profile. I’m the last wheel of the cart. My wife and my daughters always make fun of me, they always repeat me how pathetic I am. I let them say that because I’m happy when we’re all togheter and I miss all of them so much when I’m away.

Whad do you do when you go out of your home?
Not so much. I take my daughters at school, I come back home, read, I watch movie. Nothing special.

Are you able to cook?
No. I tried when my first daughter was born because I felt useless but I left, it’s not for me.

Do you have pets at home?
We have a little farm. Hamsters, bunnies, cats,….

And who take care of all them. You?
No, my daughters do everything.

They’re growing, now will arrive the time of the first love.
I’m terrified! They’re my babies. years ago, Hannah should have been 8, told me “Daady, can you see that guy? His name is Daniel and he is a sort of boyfriend for me. I share him with a friends of mine”. I still suffer for that moment.

I show you a terrific scenario for you that are so reserved. Tomorrow on newspaper will be published fake and slanderous news about you, which will be your reaction?
I belt up. I find embarrassing when someone talk about his private life in public.

But in this case it will be self-defence.
I don’t care. Also the fact that you deny make you part of this system.

I believe so. It’s said that gossips and paparazzi exists because people wants to know those kind of stuff. Are we sure that people will miss those kind of information if there would never been? I think that I will not miss the pictures of all those people who get out of their car or walking down the street.

I understand, you don’t like tabloids. This is the reason, for pure provocation, why you published on internet fake news about yourself?
No, he wasn’t me! But I think to believe who was. One friends of mine but, sooner or later, I will catch him. He wrote that I’m scared of badgers, the animals, and that I don’t eat biscuits because they aren’t a virile food. This is completly untrue and silly!

I read that too. So, you didn’t wrote that. But, what if you have to invent something fake about yourself. What you would write on the net?
I give up! It’s impossible to beat the badgers one!

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