Review: Roberts and Owen shine in ‘Duplicity’

Duplicity” begins on July 4, 2003 at the U.S. Consolate. She is ex-CIA and he is M16. A power struggle between Claire, (Julie Roberts) and Ray, (Clive Owen) as they represent two competitive industry giants CEO Dick Garsick (Paul Gimatti) and rival CEO Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson).

Both CEOs attempt to outsmart each other in a plan to acquire the molecular formula to a product that is supposed to bring millions of dollars to the company and its shareholders.

No holds barred in this open playing field steeped with counter-intelligence, encryption, hacking, security cameras, bugs, wiretaps and even secret devices placed in select photocopy machines designed to transmit the stolen information.Attention to detail is the message here as absolutely nothing is left to chance – all t’s are crossed and all i’s dotted, twice. What is lacking, however, is trust.

Claire says, “deny everything, admit nothing, then counterattack” are the standard operating procedures.

The movie takes us through an unnerving set of flashbacks with captions reading, “14 months ago” and at times jumps ahead five years later. We’re left wondering who is working with who or if they’re “in play.” Filled with rapid fire dialogue, “Duplicty” is a fast-moving two-hour movie that travels from Cleveland, Ohio, Miami, London, Italy, France and Zurich.

It’s fun, yet suspenseful; simple, yet complicated and very intriguing because we’re always trying to figure out who is double-crossing who. Much of the time, Ray and Claire are playing each other. The mystery lies in the fact they come across as a team, all-business yet in a James Bond kind of way, we question if he really likes her or is he using her to acquire info. In the end the real surprise is uncovered as we learn just who the masters of deceit really are. The movie was excellent.

Source: Gaston Gazette

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