Clive Owen on ‘Duplicity’ Co-star Julia Roberts: ‘People Go Crazy’

Former ‘Closer’ co-stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts reunite on the big screen Friday for the clever corporate spy flick ‘Duplicity,’ and Clive tells ET that working with Julia is just like “playtime”!

“On ‘Closer’ we discovered that we like each other, we trust each other, we get on, we’ve got a very similar sense of humor, so all those things are taken care of,” Clive tells ET’s Mark Steines. “So really, there’s just the excitement of coming together and playing with something new.”

The pair traveled to such far-flung locations as Dubai, the Bahamas and Rome, but Clive says watching Julia’s fame at work in New York made the biggest impression.“The spotlight on her is unlike anything I’ve seen,” he says. “You shoot in the streets of New York with Julia Roberts, it’s like a circus. People go crazy. But she deals with it impeccably.”

‘Duplicity’ finds Clive and Julia as an MI6 agent and a former CIA officer, respectively, now working as corporate spies in order to cash in on a highly profitable cold war raging between two rival multinational corporations. Engaged in a secret love affair, they play a game of cat and mouse in order to secure the secret formula for a product that will bring a windfall fortune to the company that patents it first.

“It’s rare to get your hands on dialogue as good as this. It’s just rare,” says Clive. “[Julia’s] brilliant to play with, because it’s just fun. It’s like playtime, and she’s super smart; a very witty woman, and so it’s just joyful playing those kind of scenes with someone as smart as her.”

Clive and Julia also have an opportunity to roll around the bed in the movie, and he says the key to filming love scenes is to just not take it too seriously.

“Those scenes can be very awkward; you’re in a room, you’ve got 50 crew members standing around, and you’re being asked to do some very intimate things,” he explains. “The most important thing is to keep it as light and fun as possible, really, in those scenes. And luckily we both have a very wicked sense of humor.”

Source: ET Online

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