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I’ve updated an interview of Criativa Magzine interviewd with Clive himself but the language is in Portugese. I have to translate using google translater so bear with me if there are some spelling misakes. You can also view the entier interview in Portugese here.

The meeting was marked in the executive suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin, during the 59th film festival in the city. Clive Owen was there to publicize his new movie, Trama International of Tom Tykwer, who debut in Brazil in late March. During the interview, he spent most of his time with his arms crossed. Shyness? ‘I am not intimidated in front of a camera or on top of a stage. But in front of journalists or the public, a face-lift, as Clive Owen, is different. Most actors are shy, “explains itself. Dress with a deep blue suit, no tie and stubble, Owen is the expression in the flesh than it would be a 007 version in sports, almost casual. He may not exude elegance, as Pierce Brosnan, not have that kind of masculinity rude, and Daniel Craig. But Owen will always be a hero. In England, where he was born, is seen as an actor with the face of the people, without pretense, who fought to gain success. He really has a personal and professional trajectory upward. Clive was 3 years old when his father, country music singer, left the family. It was created by the mother next to the three brothers, two of them became musicians, and if Clive wanted to be a small actor.

‘Success is working with the best in my area and have a career in which I can move freely’
He studied drama in London, made classic pieces in the theater and fell in television. It was there that became known by the public, making miniseries and series. But given the big step to act on dealer – Lifetime in Play (1998), and another further to make the movie Closer – too close, the action that rendered him the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor category. It was the ‘leaves’ for new and many calls, in which contracenou with actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore.

About personal life, does not like to talk. He is married for 14 years with the actress Sarah-Jane Fenton, who met on stage doing the play Romeo and Juliet (could not be more romantic), and has two daughters: Hannah and Eve

Loves football, the team is fanatical Liverpool fan and ardent fan of singer David Bowie. Act, of course, also one of his passions. He speaks about them in the following interview.

What do you think of Louis Salinger, the Interpol agent of you plays in The International?
Certainly not a hero with extraordinary powers. He has many defects. The private life of Louis is a mess, the professional is not speech, and he still pursues a powerful bank executive. Without doubt, it is not the savior of the world, but has the moral strength as his trump card.

How this film can bring to the moment of crisis that cross?
He took six years to get ready, but in the meantime, gained even greater importance. The film is about a powerful bank, which believe that my character is corrupt and is financing activities excuses. The big question raised by the script is: the banks use our money in a way correct? Can we trust them? These are entities corruptible? In recent months, these questions have gained a new meaning, huh?

You’re a fan of the Liverpool team and knew that even during the filming of International Trama you followed the games? That’s right?
Bright. When I’m filming, the only thing we ask is that the production of serious games Liverpool for me. During Trama International, the situation of the team began to go to the dogs and I was wrong. It was a terrible period for me.

What good comes in handy, since his character had to face a charge always serious, worried.
My sympathy for Liverpool may have a forcinha it (laughs).

In his latest film, duplicated, you contracena again with actress Julia Roberts, who has served in Closer – too close. What can you tell us about the reunion?
Could not have happened at a time better. Julia is an actress particular, to improve my game. Besides being a woman of uncommon beauty. We mesh very well.

How are your characters?
We interpret that maintain a corporate spy case, and that suddenly decide plotting against the companies for which they work, rather than help them to enrich. It is very curious and original.

‘I spent about two years unemployed, and that helped me have great respect for everything that conquered after’

For a long time, his name was quoted to replace Pierce Brosnan in the 007 series. What you say to that?
I asked a lot about it, and fortunately this association is becoming less common. Evaluating now, I can say I am happy not to be chosen. If I had closed with this work would not have the opportunity to make movies so incredibly different from one another, with such beautiful people, as happened in recent years.

What was your biggest career turnaround?
My participation in the film dealer – Lifetime in Play in 1998, an independent production of success that helped open the doors of American cinema for me. It was the work that I designed internationally.

What is success for you?
It is the opportunity to work with the best of my area. I am not the type that search reaches a given position in the profession and protect it at all costs. I am more interested in a career in which I can move freely, make the most varied types of work.

Before you do successfully gone through difficult periods. What lessons has?
I come from a humble family, never had much money. Even after the adult, when I started to walk my way, nothing was easy. In the 80s, I spent about two years unemployed. This period has taught me more respect and gratitude for everything you gain later. Today I am a lucky guy. I thank every single day I have.

How can a poor boy dreaming of becoming an actor?
I think it was stubbornness. At school, we had vocational classes, which taught us closer to a career best for our talents. I said I wanted to be actor. Dominic, a boy of the same class, that would be talked guitarist. We were two reasons for the joke because of it. Renaming our friends: ‘When will you fall in real? “. But until the mockery, I insisted that it would be a state actor.

And what happened to Dominic?
I think he became professor. (Laughter)

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