Clive Owen Italian Vanity Fair Interview (In English)

This is the excerpt interview of Clive Owen on Italian Vanity Fair interview which is located on here. But here are the complete english translation done by Isa. Thank you girl! Aww Clive sounds cute during this interview.

Clive Owen: “Keep your hands off my daughters”Meeting with a lazy husband, jealous of the future boyfriends of his daughters and crazy about soccer. Do you know who is he?

Tom Tykwer’s movie The International… is about financial crimes…. Owen ( He’s an Interpol agent)…..has got a partner that helps him (Naomi Watts), but they never kissed. There is more gallantry in the other movie with Clive Owen, Duplicity, with Julia Roberts.

Clive Owen wants to be a “normal” person: Loving father, actor without intellectual troubles, and he’s not an hysterical celebrity. He’s mad only for soccer. In short, he’s not a man that should be marry, he’s the man that lots of us has already at home.

You played with the most beautiful women of the world. Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Julia Roberts. How are these actresses on the set?

“Monica is enjoyable. Angelina is serious and responsible. Julia is a friend”How is kissing in a movie?

“Pure academy. There is nothing sexy. This is the posture, this is the shot, that’s all.”

Can we talk about soccer?

“Yes, please”

How is going the Liverpool, your favourite soccer team?

“Good, we’re seconds, behind Manchester United, and we’re still in the champions league”

Did you follow the David Beckam event?

“Yes, I’m interested on the italian champioship”

Do you support Milan?

“I prefer Inter, it’s my second beloved soccer team”

Kevin Bacon has been married with Kyra Sedgwick for 20 years. He said that the secret for a long marriage is: “honest quarrel and dirty sex”. Do you agree?

“For sure for them”

And for you?

“I found the right woman- Sarah Jane Fenton- and I’m crazy for her. Out of my home, I’m Clive Owen, but at home, I’m nobody. My wife and my daughter –Hanna and Eve- always tease me.”

They’re growing up. Soon they will have their first little love…

“I’m scared. They’re my little girls. Years ago my 8 year-old daughter Hanna came to me and said: “Daddy, do you see that boy? He’s Daniel, he’s my half-boyfriend. He has got a relashionship with me and with my friend.” I can’t think to that day anymore.

Tomorrow there are some rumors about you on a gossip magazine. What do you do?

“I don’t say a word. It’s embarrassing when people talk about their own private life”

Did you put on internet false news about you just to provocate?

“no, I was not. A mocker friend of mine said that i’m scared of badgers and i don’t eat cookies because it’s not manful food. Just stupid things.”

If you decide to put false news on the net, what will you invent?

“I can’t do that, anything can’t be more stupid than the badgers thing”

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