Clive Owen Teams Up With Naomi and Julia

In Duplicity, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen team up to play a pair of spies wrapped up in a complicated battle between pharmaceutical rivals.

In real life, the actors talk about the honesty in their own relationships — and why they couldn’t seem to pull it together on the set for director Tony Gilroy.

Q: Don’t you think it’s funny that we’re in a society now where the corporate guys are the villains?

Julia Roberts: Well they’ve earned it.

Clive Owen: The movie is about two corporate spies who end up together deciding to scam the big companies they work for and try and make themselves a big payday.

JR: You don’t really know if we’re friends or enemies or lovers and we’re kind of all of those things. It’s tough to fit romance into all the scheming. But I guess it is sexy. I don’t know if it’s romantic, but maybe it’s sexy. Q: OK, for all the talk about duplicity, does total honesty work for any relationship?

JR: Yes. It has to. But when you say ‘How do I look?” do you want total honesty? No. I want my husband to say ‘You look fantastic.’ Right?

Q: But when he asks, “How do I look?” What do you say?

JR: Well he’s pretty hot.

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Q: Who’s more embarrassed when it comes to steamy scenes?

CO: We’re equal.

JR: That is a good question. I would say so also. It’s pretty 50-50.

Q: So what do you do to dispel it?

CO: We laugh a lot.

JR: We do. A lot. Poor Tony. We were like having two pet raccoons.

CO: Yeah, lots of ‘Sorry, Tony. Sorry. Honestly, this one will be fine.’

Q: And how about “Sorry, Julia. Sorry.”?

JR: No, we were together in it. We were begging the crew for forgiveness. There were times where truly, it just …

CW: We were childish, totally childish.

JR: We could not even pull it together. And he would say, ‘Just please hang onto it a little bit longer.’

Q: People don’t always know whether to trust actors because they think that they can hide their emotions.

CO: Don’t trust actors.

JR: But trust actresses!

Q: I think actors are incapable of hiding their emotions even though we think that they’re the best at fooling us.

JR: Well, because all we want to do is for people to understand our truth and our pain. Right?

Q: Tell me about your truth and your pain, right here and now.

CO: How long have you got?

JR: 47 seconds. Go!

CO: It’ll only take 10.

Source: Parade Magazine

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