The International, starring Owen and Watts

 The International stars Naomi Watts and Clive Owen. Watts plays a Manhattan Assistant Director Attorney named Eleanor Whitman, and Owen is the Interpol Agent named Louis Salinger. These two become acquainted with the murder of André Clement, a member of the IBBC, International Banking Business Company. This company was trying to overcome all their debt by supplying and selling missiles to countries currently at war. In doing so, they began to come across some obstacles which were fixed by killing the people in their way. The man in charge of these killings was Jonas Skarssen, played by Ulrich Thomsen. Only half way through the movie was this man identified through extensive research on an orthopedic imprint. Before finding the sniper in New York City, Watts and Owen find themselves in the doorway of his orthopedic doctor that was so hyped up on drugs that he had no idea what was happening. The door is slammed in the agents’ faces, and he is immediately tricked into thinking someone was out to kill him. The agents search through many files to find the man who used this orthopedic. When they arrive at his home they see it is a vacant lot. Not even minutes later, one of the agents spot him walking down the street where they follow him into a museum. They make a bad choice to follow him because there are many armed men out to kill this sniper due to the close lead that the agents have on him. Not only do many people die, but the bystanders are scared out of their minds. The sniper and Salinger make it out of the building alive, just to have the sniper die shortly after from bullet wounds.

Luckily for these agents, they capture the provider of the sniper Wilhelm Wexler (played by Armin Mueller-Stahl). Salinger questions him about everything he could in regards to shutting down this bank’s operation. Wexler makes it very clear that by doing so you have to face the repercussions, which just happen to be the death of Wexler. Before he dies, Wexler gets Salinger deathly close to the chairman of the IBCC. The chairman sees Salinger following him in Turkey and begins to panic. They find themselves running across the tops of buildings until a dead end where the chairman is under gun point by Salinger. Salinger is hesitant to shoot him, but another man comes up behind him and does it himself, saying that this was for the people that he had killed.

I highly recommend watching The International if you love action-packed movies. In fact, it is so action-packed that I recommend watching it a few times to fully understand what is happening.

Source: Clarkson Intergrator

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