Shoppers ‘laugh at gun-wielding Owen’

Clive Owen has been laughed at by shoppers in an Istanbul marketplace as he filmed a scene for his upcoming movie The International.

Producers were unable to get permission to close the street for the scene and had to film the Children Of Men star running through the market with cameras on nearby rooftops.

Owen said: “I had a security guy very close to me but some of the reactions were pretty shocking. People would see the gun and just laugh.
 “If it was New York or London I’d be put up against the wall if I was running through the streets with a gun – no matter who I was.”

The producer Carl Roven added that people did not know that they were shooting the film but were still “surprisingly unfazed” by the experience.

Last year, it emerged that Owen had signed up to star in Cartagena as an undercover agent caught up in a drug cartel.

Source: Digital Spy

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