Naomi Watts unmasks Clive Owen as ‘prankster’ at thriller premiere

“I’m really where I want to be terms of the opportunities I’m getting and the people I’m working with,” Clive Owen recently declared. And with Naomi Watts’ as his co-star in upcoming action thriller The International, it’s no wonder.

The English actor and Naomi were reunited at the New York screening of the espionage film – which was this year’s Berlin Film Festival opener. There, the mum-of-two had some thoughts to share about her leading man. “He’s easy on the eye but he’s a prankster actually,” revealed the blonde beauty, who welcomed her second son Samuel in December. “You forget that he’s good looking because he’s kind of silly and fun as well”.

The International stars 44-year-old Clive as an Interpol agent who teams up with Naomi’s district attorney to bring one of the world’s most powerful and corrupt banks to justice.

Source: Hello Magazine

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