Clive Owen’s biggest laugh—“Journey of Death”

Here’s a good example of why user-generated web “news” and “facts” still falls under the category, “glorified rumors.”

I was chatting up Clive Owen Sat. afternoon about the new thriller The International, about an Interpol agent (Owen) who has become obsessed with exposing and bringing down a corrupt, terrorist-and-mob-tied multi-national bank, a bank so powerful it is beyond governments, beyond the law.

“He’s been so obsessed that he’s become very paranoid,” Owen says. “VERY paranoid. Something like an institution that can change the ‘facts’ to fit its needs, scary.”

The fellow’s dark enough that he could have turned into a villain, something Owen hasn’t played yet.

“Ahh,” but I say, there’s always a first time. What’s this I hear about you playing Duke Skeletor in Journey of Death.

There’s a pause, then a “What? Who’s that?” And a “Somebody else mentioned that.”

He starts cackling and I cackle, knowing where this is going.Yeah, I found that on the Wikipedia quick-bio I have of him, part of my research into Owen.

“I’ve never HEARD of that movie before today,” he says.

Really? Says here you start shooting tomorrow.


In Sante Fe and Jornada del Muerto…

“Where the hell’s THAT?”

No idea. But hey, Clive, guy, READ it on the NET. Must be true.

“Ok, now I’m not playing paranoid. I AM getting paranoid!”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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