Clive Owen Is Pathetic At Home

Clive Owen, international superstar and dream hunk for many women, says that he’s no movie star when he gets home. “I am so low-status in my house you can’t believe it,” Clive says. “At home, I’m pathetic.”

His kids Hannah, 12, and Eve, 9, don’t give him star status of any kind, nor does his wife, Sarah-Jane Fenton. And yet they are the “most centering” thing in Clive’s life. “I go off and make movies, but there’s nothing better than going home and hanging with my girls,” he says.Clive bought some cell phones for his girls recently so they could text their dad while he was on location. Just this month, while at the Berlin Film Festival, Clive says his phone got to buzzing.

“It’s the day of the opening,” he says, “and I was literally about the jump into the car. I texted my daughter back and said I’ve got to go. And she said, ‘Have a great time, Dad. Please don’t wear the velvet jacket.’ I texted back, ‘Why?’

His daughter’s texted response: “Because it’s weird, and embarrassing.”

Ah, kids.

Clive’s newest film, “The International” opened on Friday and costars Famecrawler fave Naomi Watts.

Source: Babble

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