Charlotte Meets Clive Owen

After all the glitz and the glamour of the Oscars one thing is certain, British films and British actors are on the up. I got the chance to speak to one who has definitely made his mark in Hollywood – Clive Owen. You will know him for films such as Children of Men, Closer and Sin City. His latest film is very timely. It deals with banking, greed and corruption. ‘The International’ looks set to be popular. I was on the tube the other day in London and saw loads of posters for it and there have been lots of trailers ahead of the cinema opening on Friday. When I arrived in the interview room I told Clive I was pleased to be first in the row of journalists meeting him that day – which meant he would not be bored with all the non-stop questions yet. But he said the only danger was that meant he would still be half asleep (to all his female fans eager to know, I can assure you he didn’t look half asleep!). I had a really nice chat with him – it makes such a difference when the actors look pleased to be there talking about their film. He stars as a gun-toting Interpol agent – and said the only problem is his daughters cannot watch his films yet as they are too violent. He says they are always pestering him to do a children’s film! He has not given in just yet. We don’t have to wait too long for his next one. He is starring in another spy thriller, Duplicity, with Julia Roberts which is out in March.

Make sure you watch Sunrise with to find out what else Clive had to say – and we will give you a sneaky look at some clips from new the film.

Source: Sky News

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