Metrosexual Clive Owen

Clive Owen admits he is “vain”.

The heartthrob actor, who is the face of the Lancome Men skincare line, makes sure he keeps his face and body in top condition because his good looks helped him become a Hollywood star.

He said: “I have to admit I am vain, but it’s because I have to go out in front of the camera. But I wouldn’t say I was excessively vain.

“Most guys I know use moisturiser. In theatre and film, looking after your face is a pretty normal thing. It’s just business.”

The 43-year-old star believes all men should take more care of their skin, but accepts some guys will never incorporate beauty products into their daily lives.

Clive – who has two daughters, 11-year-old Hannah and nine-year-old Eve, with his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton – said: “I’m only talking about skin creams and aftershaves – not plastic surgery.

“Guys attitudes to male products are changing, but men have very strong opinions on other men, and it can still go either way.”

Source: Monster & Critics

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