Clive, Is That You?

For more new-to-you scripted entertainment, check out these British imports from Silver Spring-based Acorn Media (which specializes in bringing Brit television DVDs to the U.S. market).

Chancer– Before Clive Owen was Clive Owen, he was Derek Love, the arrogant, rogue con-man star of this short-lived British hit crime series. (1990-91; out now)

Suburban Shootout — Rival gangs of gun-packing housewives battle over a Stepford-like village in what sounds like really “Desperate Housewives,” but what the San Francisco Chronicle called “a little David Lynch lite.” (2006; coming March 25)Rosemary & Thyme– Forget the weak dollar and vacation vicariously as the professional-gardening/amateur-sleuthing duo of this British whodunit series tramp through London’s Kew Gardens, the hills of Malaga and the French Riviera. (2003-06; out now)

Fortysomething– The Times of London described this midlife crisis series — which stars a pre-“House” Hugh Laurie — as “quirky and bittersweet with a sort of loopy truth.” (2003; coming April 8)

Source: Washington Post

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